Book a session with me and experience results you hardly thought possible—increased energy and vitality, inspiration, intoxicating self love and pleasure.

Every session I create is entirely unique.
I work with Intuitive Bodywork, Tantric Ritual and a Touch of Magick.
To facilitate people on journeys deep into their subconscious, to shift the blocks to experiencing their natural state: alive, ecstatic and free.

My Juicy Offerings

Book a session with me and experience results you hardly thought possible — increased energy and vitality, inspiration, intoxicating self love and pleasure.

Allow me to share with you the keys to living a life of passion, connection and pleasure.

Whether you choose an intuitive healing or tantric bodywork session or a longer, creative awakening program, each service is carefully crafted to ensure you experience noticeable results.

You can expect the following from working with me:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Greater capacity for compassion and self love
  • Confidence in decision making and self trust
  • Permanently alleviated pain
  • Longer lasting pleasure and heightened sensitivity
  • Connection to the intuitive wisdom of the body
  • Strong and healthy desire and libido
  • Alignment to creative flow
  • Inspiration
  • An improved sense of purpose
To @sigourney.belle I have to thank for my reawakening to self. Depression had come in knocking, made me its home, so I called in for backup. Thank you for helping me to step out of my own way and reroute back to self love. I have never been more in love with my own being. Never have I felt the creative surge of energy and self expression within me more than in these past 2 months... through music, emotion pours out of me when I use my voice, singing through love in the centre of my heart space. Intense love in conversations and ideas with likeminded beings. Through DANCE I could cry how liberating it is to allow the source to flow through me. In the abundance of friends and opportunities - I am grateful. I’ve kept so much to myself this year on my journey inwards. Social media is now a toy to me, just to further express and collect our consciousness 🤗⭐️
Sigourney is a change maker in this world as well as bringing community to a higher state of consciousness through the profound medicine of love that she carries . Sigourney creates change in individuals lives . I have been lucky enough to have had Siggy by my side for the last two years helping me to evolve into a more authentic and free version of myself . She is one of the only practitioners I trust . With pinpoint accurate intuition she is a clear channel of source energy and knows exactly what it is in my field that is holding me back , and has the tools and capabilities to help me to help myself clear these limitations and come back to truth . I highly recommend anyone to spiral with siggy . If you are seeking clarity renewed happiness more love or a greater sense of purpose in life.
I fucking loved my session with Sigourney. We did a wealth clear and I was impressed at how practical and potent it was. I knew I had a fucked up money story but I didn’t realise how bad it was until I voiced it all out. I felt a lot of energy shifts and aha moments during the session. The thing is that once the light of our awareness uncovers something it instantly starts to lose it’s pull. I received new business almost straight after the session and since then I have had my first private client booking and different sources of income are starting to open up to me.
Sigourney is an enchanting, powerful healer. I had a wealth clearing with Sigourney and could feel the subtle and also powerful shifts in my energy system as we worked. So grateful to have cleared all that that no longer serves my highest potential. I feel ready for action and inspired to just begin all my projects. Thank you for the magic and healing xx
Sigourney is a phenomenal practitioner & healer. I've had both a Wealth Clear & Healing with her and in both sessions I was blown away with her insight & intuition. Months later I am still feeling the benefits from our Wealth Clear and can say the patterns have definitely been broken, new good habits formed and abundance is flowing in with ease. If you're considering a session with Sig, don't hesitate - just do it. She's amazing
As a bodywork practitioner and sexual healer I was excited to experience Sigourney and take part in her workshop the Serpent and the Rose, which infuses activating Kundalini energy into tantric bodywork. The workshop was a deep and wonderful experience. In just a few hours I felt big shifts in my energy body and left feeling lighter and extremely energized. The tools taught were practical and I have been able to integrate them into my bodywork practice with my own flavour and essence. Sigourney as a facilitator held a safe and sacred container. I felt her integrity and passion infused in the space and in the way the day was facilitated. Highly recommend Sigourney and her work to facilitate anyone wanting to gain a deeper awareness of the subtleties and ways to use their creative/sexual energy, release energetic blockages and ultimately experience more pleasure in their life.
Sigourney is incredible. She holds a space of deep presence that enables powerful transformation. She has a lot of knowledge and tools to create change, and she uses them with confidence. My session with her definitely created huge positive changes in me. She helped me identify emotional blocks that I didn't realise I had, clear them quickly, then integrate these changes through an amazing bodywork session. My mind was blown in the absolute best possible way. If you are reading this, then you need to work with Sigourney. She is the real deal.
Sig is an absolute force of Oneness. She has the beautiful ability to make me feel fully safe about revealing and letting go of some long term shame. Sig was so kind and loving offering me a profound clearing which I will forever be grateful for. I love you Sig. I highly recommend Sig's work, and her as a person. xx
I need to pulse my exact truth 
And so I connected in with Sigourney who is shamanistic, intuitive and wise. 
I have worked with many spiritual leaders and teachers and many are not natural guides. 
Many are obstructed by personal agenda. 
Many are without sacred knowledge or responsibility. 

Sigourney holds sacred knowledge in her bones. 
She is a priestess of initiation and a facilitator of transformation. 
Of cracking away of old shell and of birthing and summoning. 
Sigourney is other worldly and beyond her years here on earth.

 I felt immediately safe and reassured within her care. And impressed by her intuitive ability to attune with my needs in the sacred rites of healing. And snake skin shedding.

Through working with Sigourney life was rattled back into my body again. 
Illusions and falsities were shed as I was stripped bare. 
I was instructed on how to move trauma through and out of my body through primal sound and I gained total clarity and power, autonomy and authority 

Two experiences rocked my world in 2018 and one was when I travelled to India and rode on motor bike to worship in temples on top of snow capped mountains and two was working deeply with Sigourney on the excavation of my bones and heart and amber belly bowl 

Sigourney is like a compass and it is a privilege to have witnessed and shared in her ground breaking, earth rumbling, soul igniting , fire blazing, thunder clapping work here on earth 

I’m unpacking my wild.