Golden Lotus Paris – The 1st Gate

Golden Lotus Paris – The 1st Gate

with Eva Williams

The Golden Lotus Level 2 work "The 1st Gate" for Parisian participants - co-taught with Emmanuelle Duchesne from

✨The 1st Gate ✨
This intensive marks the first part of Level 2 Golden Lotus work – The 3 Gates of Orgasm. This work is a pre-requisite to the in-depth content taught in practitioner training and the 3 Gates Retreat in Morocco between the 24th – 28th of November.

✨About the Work ✨
In a safe, yet serious and sacred space that respects boundaries, and embraces pleasure we welcome you to come and experience your body, and others, as powerful, expressive and sacred. This class expands awareness and sensation through a process of breath, movement and touch.

This workshop is co-taught with the fantastic Emmanuelle Duchesne who sums up her teachings in two words : Sovereignty and Orgasmic states. Desire, empowerment, integrity are all themes she explores for better sex lives and relationships. She’s been practicing orgasmic meditation since 2011 and teaching it since 2013, which makes her a clitoris touching expert – perfect for this incredible somatic workshop in depth around the clitoris! In 2015 she founded her own approach that takes the best from orgasmic meditation, sex positive movement, mindfulness, and NLP to create fulfilling practices that help people get free from unchosen cultural conditionings. She loves nothing more than anything to see her clients and students, lit up, open up, shine and get empowered to live the relationships and sex lives of their dreams – and she brings this buoyancy to every workshop, class, and client.

So, together, we are starting with an education around The Clitoris; what the Taoists name the 1st Gate of Orgasm.

During this program of carefully designed educational, embodiment and activation work, we explore sexual and sensual practices in which women will:

✨Explore and learn about the innate wisdom of the glans clitoris as a vital exocrine gland; it’s formation in utero, it’s fascial integrity and function, it’s role in orgasm, and it’s many secrets for hormonal regulation as well as mystical states and energy cultivation.
✨ Release stored emotions and sensation; de-armour, remove numbness, restore sensation, and expand awareness and pleasure through conscious breath, movement, touch, and communication.
✨ Explore consent; learn how to more deeply tune in to your body, mind, heart and soul – and another’s in order to receive more fully from yourself and others, and to give and receive without losing yourself.
✨Learn to give and receive basic 1st gate practices, stimulation and massage for yourself and others with a focus on the healing potential of sensual/spiritual energy.
✨ Learn from your own and others’ unfolding, and feel awed witnessing and supporting our uniqueness in sisterhood. Meld your hearts into the compassionate feminine heart, and be held and hold space for other women’s sensation and experience.

This class goes in to depth about how to connect to the clitoris on a felt, sensation-based level. We explore somatic exercises around the pelvic bowl, the glans clitoris, the whole clitoral structure, it’s impact on the breath, the whole fascial and nervous system. We explore other things which affect our holding and opening in relationship to opening to sexual pleasure (this is, after all, only the 1st gate) – including beautiful games and education around respectful, connected, and consensual touch. All and all, this class explores the fascial implications and reflexology of the pelvic bowl, and the meridians and energetic portals, gateways, glands and more of the labia, vulva, clitoris and also all of the relevant elements of trauma response, safety, security and boundary required to have a truly deep internal and external experience of unbounded sensation, deep feel, and access to pleasure.

✨ Note
This workshop is explicit and it is not recommended you attend this workshop without having done former (Level 1) Golden Lotus work or other forms of explicit, conscious, or sensual touch work.

✨Who is this workshop for? ✨
This workshop is for women of all sexual orientations and ages who are ready to learn about their own sexual and pleasure anatomy, expand their sensation and permission, and therefore to illuminate their power, sexuality, and sensuality within a community of women.
This workshop is appropriate and beneficial for sexual and pelvic health practitioners of all levels. For those interested in learning more about the structures of pleasure and manipulation of the pelvic bowl, and for those seeking to advance their sexology, tantric, physiotherapy or pelvic health work with additional practices of connecting to the breath, diagnosis through chi-projection, understanding the reflexology process of the pelvis with the upper body, and coming to understand the energetic anatomy of a women’s alignment in a deeper way.

✨For enhanced results an optional plant-based diet and fast is recommended alongside this work✨

✨Timing & Dates✨
28th October (10:00 – 18:00)

✨ Location ✨
Location announced on RSVP/Payment. Bonne Nouvelle, Paris.

✨ Contact ✨
Eva L Williams
WhatsAp: +971 521 69 68 69

Emmanuelle Duchesne
+33 664 032 736

✨ Payment ✨
€155 EUR
Online Payment. Payment in advance to book your spot.

✨Golden Lotus events are for Women Only ✨

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