Golden Lotus Helsinki Workshop & Talk

Golden Lotus Helsinki Workshop & Talk

with Eva Williams

Golden Lotus Level 1 full day workshop for Helsinki residents.

✨What is Golden Lotus?✨
Golden Lotus is a series of practices and techniques for women – similar to a yoga, chi gong or somatic movement class – focused on the utilisation of ancient Taoist methods.

The aim of Golden Lotus work is to utilise these techniques to cultivate and develop a women’s sensual and spiritual energy. We teach women to generate energy, draw this up through the body into the mind, and thereby nourish their physical health, cultivate their vitality, and facilitate/command their (spiritual) awakening.

✨Jade Egg✨
Jade eggs are available at the event from the practitioner.

✨About the Work ✨
This one day event is a condensed version of the 5 week series run elsewhere. We will explore the whole of the Level 1 opus, described below, in one unique workshop. I look forward to welcoming into the spiritual states that this beautiful female body holds.

✨1 Day Workshop✨ Opening the Kidneys, Du Mai, Initiation, Dai Mai Breathing and Liver Clearing, Nine Flowers, Spleen Reflexology, Lymphatic System Blossoming and Opening, Activation of the Ren Mai and the Lung and Large Intestines, Heart and Cervix Activation and Completion of Golden Lotus level 1 work.

We move through the 5 zones of reflexology within the vaginal canal. We work with cleansing of each system throughout the series and we also activate the endocrine system and lymphatic systems in specific. We do this primarily through activating the pelvic region and awakening the sexuality and inhabiting the lower body (all areas innervated from the sacrum).

✨For enhanced results an optional plant-based diet and fast is recommended alongside this work✨

✨Timing & Dates✨
11th January – Free Talk
12th January – Full Day Level 1 Workshop

✨ Location ✨
Iso Roobertinkatu A1, Helsinki, 00120, Finland
Apartment 14
Floor 3

✨ Payment ✨
€150 EUR
Online Payment. Payment in advance to book your spot.

✨Golden Lotus events are for Women Only ✨

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