Eva Louise Williams is a passionate professional in feminine spiritual development and somatic wisdom.

Eva Louise Williams is a passionate professional in feminine spiritual development and somatic wisdom.
She has eight years and over 10,000 hours experience as a practitioner, healer and teacher.

In her private practice, Eva has assisted thousands of people to experience and awaken their deepest energy in spiritual connection with their mind, body, and heart. She’s passionate about providing spaces for women to learn about their sensuality and sexuality without the ambiguous dynamics often found in traditional social roles and settings.

Eva Louise Williams Creative Consulting is a service which utilises the wisdom of the body, innate emotional intelligence, and pre-existing structural intelligence to customise and create business and professional solutions.

Services range from wholistic re-structuring, implementation of backend systems, management consulting, re-branding, design and innovation of your customer and business experience through to sales and social media, PR and marketing strategy to make the best decisions in your business from an economically wise, emotionally intelligent, and ecologically sound place.